The Naked Series

The idea slowly formed for me to put together a series of poems that would vulnerable and deeply personal. In my mind’s eye, I saw these words juxtaposed alongside candid black and white portraits of myself, allowing the reader to connect with the emotions swirling up inside me.
I titled it ‘Naked’ as I knew that this project called for honesty and for me to be open. It demanded that I show it all and leave nothing hidden safely in the shadows. I had a pretty good idea of what it was that I wanted to say but when I started penning down the words, a different set of sentences came rushing out of me.

The words that starred back at me from the pages of my notebook made it impossible for me to keep denying the turmoil that had been boiling up inside me. It became clear that I was done trying to outrun my fears and eventually I saw that this project wasn’t so much about me sharing my truth with the world…this was about healing. ‘Naked’ is about me remembering who I am. It’s about me taking my power back

View some of the pieces here